Product No. 50706LT and 50706ST

The Ampcare ESP™ Kit is an FDA 510(k) cleared sophisticated treatment modality that uses neuromuscular electrical stimulation and a neuro-orthotic posture device to enhance the efficacy of your pharyngeal strengthening exercises. The ESPsystem can only be prescribed by a physician. By utilizing the Ampcare portable handheld device with adjustable parameters along with the E Series Electrodes and the RPD, the therapist will provide a more extensive exercise experience for the patient with dysphagia. The kit includes an ES™ Unit, User manual, 2- AA batteries, 10 Packages of E Series Electrodes (Adult/LT or Youth/ST), 2 boxes of TENS skin prep wipes, 1 roll of self-adhering wrap, 2 lead wires, a lead wire tester, the Restorative Posture Device, 1 set of replacement pads, and a shoulder carrying bag.

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Ampcare develops therapeutic neuromuscular electrical stimulation technologies and is proud to offer the FDA-cleared Ampcare Effective Swallowing Protocol (ESP™). Ampcare’s ESP provides clinicians a new option for the treatment of dysphagia (swallowing difficulties).

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